ODEC is the only Swiss association representing the CHE gratuates of all disciplines

We represent all graduates of the „Verordnung des EVD über die Anerkennung von Bildungsgängen und Nachdiplomstudien der Höheren Fachschulen“ regulated education. 

  • The Assembly of Delegates is the supreme body and is composed of the delegates of the member associations.
  • The central board is responsible for the strategy and represents the association externally.
  • The office is responsible for the operational management of the association and supports the board with expertise.

The ODEC is divided into associations and regional or discipline-related groups::


  • Associations of graduates within the meaning of Art. 60ff ZGB.
  • The graduates who are members of an association are admitted by ODEC as active members .:

Regional or discipline-related groups

  • Groupings do not have their own statutes according to Art. 60ff ZGB
  • The active members who are affiliated with a group are registered directly with the ODEC

Associations and regional or specialized groups have the same rights and obligations.

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